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Knowledge base for students & teachers

Knowledge base for students & teachers

WebMentor4You- An academic launch for your child

Every child is unique. As children grow and interact within their personal environments, their learning needs develop and are expressed distinctively.

The method your child utilizes to learn, read or write is different from the way your neighbor’s child does the same. As an example: Jason will learn arithmetic and science in a different way than Emily even if they are both of the same age and are present in the same grade. And why is that?

Let me explain. Generally, there are 4 types of classroom learners: visual, auditory, read/write and kinesthetic. In consideration of your child, the average classroom model may not always focus on your child’s learning strengths. Hence, it becomes important to consider a specialized learning mode that provides a promising platform for your child to learn, grow and excel at his or her pace.

In today’s technologically advanced world, education is quickly evolving to become an entity that can assist children to learn starting at any age. 1-to-1 online tutoring is gaining momentum and replacing the traditional generic learning approach as it provides choice to select suitable tutor and serves to be a convenient and dependable resource. In this age, if you would like for your child to be at par with his or her peers; or perform to the best of their abilities it is required that you are comfortable and open to the idea. Online 1-to-1 education will give a great head start in life and career to your child which will increase your child’s confidence.

WebMentor4You offers an academic launch which will result in improved class performance and aptitude of your child.


Quick history of 1-to-1 online learning

As parents we always want to do our research. And if you are reading this post; most likely you are in the same boat. Are you interested to learn about how 1-to-1 online tutoring has evolved through the years?

Here is a quick synopsis and I hope this will make it easier for you to trust the mode of 1-to-1 online learning.

In 1990 the World Wide Web was born. Since then, there have been various accomplishments in the online world. Students utilized Microsoft applications, online encyclopedias and soon Google became a sought after tool for education. In the year 2000 there was an increase in the demand for online learning particularly in relation to K-12 schools in the United States. This demand was created by the limitations of regular schools and the obligation to meet students’ learning needs. Online and blended courses were designed as a solution for individualistic learning, by leveraging on 1-to-1 online tutoring.  In the course of the next 10 years, about 1.5 million pupils in K-12 schools across the United States registered for an online course. These figures continue to progress at a geometric pace and about 60 million pupils are currently registered for an online course.

So, as you can see 1-to-1 online learning has been helping students for a few years, and is becoming popular as it is trusted, affordable and convenient. At WebMentor4You, we have hired world class Math tutors to build a strong foundation for students all over the world. We understand your concerns, and we are here to help you through your queries and guide you throughout with our outstanding technical support.